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Exciting News: We have received permission from Chivalric Order of Paladins (Ukraine)/ Лицарський Орден Паладинів (Україна) to use their photos on our web page. They are an inspiration for their reenactments! Please check out their Facebook page if you find their photos inspiring!


REBRANDING! We're hoping to expand our product lines to include more armor, swords, and even reach up into Revolutionary, Civil, and World War eras! 

"Shop the Timeline" option will let you pick a century and view all we have to offer for it! This will act like a one-stop shop for all your reenactment needs!




April 30th



Riding Boots

Sept. 1st

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Kevlar Gloves

Perfect for FMA Daniel Maloy (Amana, IA) 2/2/2010 10:40 AM There are not a lot of options when you're looking for protective gear for arnis. After a few years of study everyone's kit looks quite different, and most of it only provides barely-adequate protection. This is especially true in hand protection. These gloves, however, are above and beyond any hand protection gear I've used in my 10 years in FMA. The kevlar reinformcements are perfectly placed to lighten strikes to the back of the hand

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