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During the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries, the hands were protected by iron or (more rarely) steel gauntlets that featured individual finger protection. 

Many modern students of medieval swordsmanship, however, prefer "mitten" gauntlets like those innovated in fifteenth century Italy. Such defenses were extremely popular by the end of the fifteenth century and throughout the sixteenth. 

But for those who like to reenact the fourteenth century, or to study the fighting treatises in Western martial arts, many of these mitten gauntlet designs are actually "out of period." 

These gauntlets, offer superior hand protection while capturing the design essence of fourteenth century "hourglass" gauntlets.

  • Bell cuff for enhanced mobility while still offering wrist protection
  • "Tournament" thumb: My tournament thumb is designed to give maximum protection for the thumb while still enabling feel of the weapon. Shaped like a little bascinet, it protects the thumb from most compressive injuries. 
  • High quality black leather glove included in the assembled versions, or unassembled & unfinished kit available
  • Currently these gauntlet kits are in production and in stock.  

For those who study the use of polearms--poleaxes, and the like--mitten gauntlets are indispensible! These gauntlets offer nimble weapon-handling while still offering powerful protection. In addition, they even allow for sufficient grip and flexibility for using a longsword and the "poste" of Fiore dei Liberi or the leger of Johannes Liechtenauer. While not quite as flexible as a fingered gauntlet, the amount of protection provided for the maneuverability provided is amazing!  

From a design perspective, we have created the tooling for this product based on originals by Brian R. Price. They feature the "gothic" arch metacarpal (back of the hand), and can be decorated like finger gauntlets, with a bracelet, cuff or decorative brass. 


We have tested this gauntlet in SCA, LARP, and Western Martial Arts environments (both Fiore and Liechtnauer styles) and have found them to be an outstanding compromise of protection and mobility.




Note that the designers, Revival and Revival Martial Arts cannot warrant the safety of our equipment for any particular activity as we cannot know the uses to which our items may be put. Check with your local safety officer regarding specifics for the activity you are pursuing.

Hybrid Hourglass Mitten Gauntlets w/Tournament Thumb

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  • For a finished piece (Cleaned, screws replaced with rivets, and a padded glove of your choicestitched in) please contact us. We will be keeping the sale option reserved unless otherwise desired.