Leg defenses very wildly through out the medieval period.  Ranging from bare skin to complex plate armors.  Here is one of the most basic leg defenses the padded chauss or padded hosen.

Seen in depections of Crusader era warriors, likely used later to pad mail leggings and even plate armors these are all cotton and quilted in verticle strips.  The foot is covered as well as a standard feature. It is not enclosed, foot cover is like a spat, there is not  a sole on the foot.

Great when looking for just some ouch proofing for lighter combat styles such as SCA rapier, Cut and thrusts or higher contact larps.  Great for preventing chaffing and padding those hard to armor areas for hard contact combat such as SCA rattan or ACL/ Boton combat.

Add points to attach your own armor pieces at your leisure or just wear them alone as your rules set allows.

They come ready to wear with points included and support belt with eyelets.

Right now I just have black but other colors coming soon.


Length from where you tie your belt to ankle: 36 inches
Top Thigh Circumference: 24 inches
Bottom Ankle Circumference: 15 inches
Shoe Cover: 8 inches


Length from where you tie your belt to ankle: 40 inches
Top Thigh Circumference: 28 inches
Bottom Ankle Circumference: 16 inches
Shoe Cover: 10 inches

Extra Large:

Length from where you tie your belt to ankle: 42 inches
Top Thigh Circumference: 30 inches
Bottom Ankle Circumference: 18 inches
Shoe Cover: 10 inches

Padded Chausses

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