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Customer Service


This is to contact our helper monkey/artist Kim Adkins (Also goes by Serena or Dingo). This is also her personal number, so please be patient and considerate. As she is also taking care of a baby while running her own hobby business, she might not always answer phone calls. 

If Kim cannot respond then our CEO, Scott Adkins himself, will work on responding to your e-mails! So you may hear from one or even both of us!

Please have your name and order number ready, we track all calls and e-mails. 

The contact sheet to the right will go to the e-mail listed below.

Text or Call:

1 (414) 334-4617 Scott

1 (262) 207-4682 Kim (Text only for now)

mon-fri: 10am - 8pm Central USA


Success! Message received.

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