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We are currently undergoing a detailed inventory overhaul. As we are starting in the cold of winter this will take some time to be achieved. As such, please note that you will see the following changes on the website:

Certain items will be removed completely from the website. These we have deemed to be low enough stock to become event only items.

Certain items will be viewable, but you will be unable to place an order. That means we're working on that style of shoe in particular. Pay attention to its' page and see if your desired shoe will return to stock. This is an attempt to be more pro-active on our inventory system, allowing for less work on our end to fulfill orders and upkeep what's in stock and what is not. 

Shoes that have been available in certain colors will no longer be restocked. What we have in current stock in shoes in any color other than Black or Natural will be listed until they sell out. 

There will be a new "Customize" option. This will allow you to select a dye job for any natural base shoes. THIS OPTION WILL RENDER YOUR ORDER NON-REFUNDABLE. This is because once we place a dye on a shoe we cannot remove it. As much as you love size 14 Blue Low Boots, not everyone does which makes reselling a difficult chore. Please take care before selecting to have your shoe colored. 

Once we are completed with our updates and with inventory overhaul this page will be deleted.

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