Below you will find a link to our Inventory Directory via Google Sheets. We suggest that you check the listings before you place your order, especially if we are currently at an event and unable to ship. Inventory listing will be updated every night once it's completely filled. Inventory numbers on this website itself will be updated as fast as we can after events. 


We are currently filling out the Listing. As such it will take some time before everything is completely on the sheet, but have patience, it will all be updated shortly.

How to Read the Listing:

Find the general shoe style tab on the bottom of the document.

Locate the specific style

You can then either go down to your desired color, or across to you desired size first

From there find where the color and size meet on the chart. This will tell you how much of that specific shoe we have in stock!

Highlighted? That means it is currently available with a matching vibram sole! (Note: if there is 1 available and it is highlighted, then it is ONLY available with vibram sole. If there are two numbers such as 1(2) then the number in the () is the amount available in vibram.)