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International Shipping

The information below is assuming your item does not get held up in Customs as has been known to occur.

Please be aware that since this page was created in 2019 that certain shifts to shipping and selling internationally has occurred. One of our overhaul steps is to look into this and update the page as necessary. Until then there may be fallacies in the processes listed below.

CANADA - All products are available for shipping to Canada, though it is often cheaper to order them in quantity as there are methods to reduce the cost in such cases. Contact us for more details.

Canadian Air Shipments: 3-5 days
Canadian Ground Shipments: 5-21 days

EU- Recently, changes in the US Postal Service rates have resulted in NO SURFACE SHIPPING. We can only ship airmail priority or global express mail. These costs may be calculated automatically in the shopping cart. In general, we have had good fortune sending books and accessories to Europe, although the track record in some countries is far less pristine (Belgium, Germany and Portugal, chiefly). All products are sent insured, however, though tracking is only available through the more expensive courier services such as FedEx and DHL.

EU Air Shipments: 3-10 days

AUSTRALASIA- As per Europe, there is no longer any surface shipping to Australiasia.

Australasia Air Shipments: 3-10 days

If shipped through the postal service, a claim cannot be filed until 45 days after the shipment was made. At that time, we need a signed statement testifying that the shipment was not received. We will file for the insurance and immediately dispatch a replacement. At the customer's direction, we can duplicate the shipment earlier, refunding the second charge once we have received the insurance payment.

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