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Events We Will be Attending

Any Pick up at Event sales options may be redeemed beginning on the day AFTER set up and is available until the day of tear down, the ONLY exception being Pennsic where you can pick up any online orders up to the day before sales end. No other exceptions will be made.

We do sell to multiple different systems, each event will be listed with the system it is run under.

We do not sell at every event we attend. Listed below are the events we are planning to sell at. If you are aware of us attending an event near you and wish to use the Pick up at Events shipping option, please contact us with what you'd like before placing your order. 

We retain the right to restock any orders failed to be picked up within the timeframe with no refund granted. We also reserve the right to refuse to ship any orders placed with this shipping option without good reason from the customer or a secondary charge through Square or Paypal to cover shipping on their behalf.

Pennsic War -SCA (If not cancelled)

World Event- Myths and Legends LARP

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