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Welcome to our new website! We are hoping that this will ease your shopping experience! We are working on revamping much of our process from running inventory to processing orders. Please bear with us in this chaotic time.

We are currently going through our inventory. Please contact us before placing your order.​ The answer might be "Hold on, I have no idea" but it helps us stay focused on getting this hard work done.

Thank you everyone!

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Exciting News: We have received permission from Chivalric Order of Paladins (Ukraine)/ Лицарський Орден Паладинів (Україна) to use their photos on our web page. They are an inspiration for their reenactments! Please check out their Facebook page if you find their photos inspiring!


Dingo Takeover! Keep popping back in to see what's new and changing! 

Inventory is in progress!

Brassware pre-order is now live! We're starting with Pelicans and Laurels, as we see more sales of those two we will expand into the remainder of our former stock. This will take time and support. Thank you for being patient and understanding of this and the necessary price raise.

Emails are being answered! If you have sent an email to BEFORE 3pm on 1/27/22 please send your email again! Our email was completely wiped clean!

Incoming: Backorder section. 

                    Custom Dye Jobs (non-refundable)

                    Potential Custom Art/Designed shoes. I'm on the fence with this, allow me to finish catching up before I decide

                    Potentially new styles and more recent eras for those who like more modern reenactments.




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Riding Boots

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