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Italian Zuparello / Fighting Cotte / Gambeson*
Based on examples in Fiore dei Liberi's Fior di Battaglia


We are extremely proud of our cost-effective gambeson, what would have been known to students of the venerable Italian fighting master Fiore dei Liberi as a zuparello.

This light to medium weight fighting cotte, also known as a gambeson, is made of extremely durable 100% cotton for breathability, durability, and washability. No dry cleaning required, as with other company's products!


And it is available in sizes from S to XXXL.


Best of all, our cottes may be custom ordered in party-colored configurations. Parti colors (2 color) are $40 extra. We have some on hand, please contact us for custom order availablity.


Our Zuparello features also HAND MADE cloth buttons which will not break in combat and which compress under armour. The arms feature the GRAND ASSIETTE construction, which enables superior movement of the arms--even over the head--without drawing the hip region upward or cutting the area under the arms open (which seems dangerous, given how frequently historical texts thrust under the arm!). 

Our design is field-proven and is designed by Brian R. Price and Deborah St. James, as shown in Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction. (Schola St. George Patch not included.)


Last of this particular batch. ONLY have these in Med and small at this point.  New supplier making very similar items.

14th c. Gambeson / Italian Zuparello

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