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Our 15th-century arming doublet is the perfect garment to wear under your full plate armour. As the middle age proceeded towards its end, more plate armour was available and, it was becoming less needed for the knight to wear heavily padded gambeson, leading to the creation of our arming doublet. It allows all the components of plate armour to be laced on its structure and function properly together as a single unit. At the same time, providing enough padding to make wearing plate armour more comfortable and act as a great shock absorber.

With comfortable quilted padding sandwiched between two layers of ROBUST CANVAS COTTON, this is a functional arming doublet, unlike its flimsy replicas. The entire doublet is provided with several tough aiglets made of PURE SOLID BRASS. Thanks to plenty of aiglets allowing it to close and place pieces of armour on it. A detailed size chart is available with the photographs. Made by lord of battles.  Also avalible in BLACK and RED, call or email for other colors.

15th Century Arming Doublet Canvas Cotton

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