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14th century spulders. Slolt rivited back edge for xtra support. leather tab for pointsand strap included. high polish, can be back ordered. This set of pauldrons is crafted from sturdy 16-gauge mild steel. Each has a riveted articulated set of plates for mobility. A set of leather straps and iron buckles give it an adjustable fit. A small curved leather plate has a pair of holes that allow you to easily fix a gorget to it. The total length is 28 cm (excluding the leather fitting on its top), the lowest end has a 20 cm long curve and the widest end is about 25.5 cm wide. Weight: 1 Kg 900 grams.Ideal for medieval knightly outfit in your next reenactment, Made by lord of battles


Medieval Knightly Classic Steel Pauldrons

Out of Stock
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