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⭐ STURDY & COMFORTABLE Baltic Linen: Mythrojan’s light tunic is made of a STURDY 100% BALTIC LINEN. This simple but reliable & durable fabric will make this tunic an essential and long-lasting piece in any kit. And its very FULL FLOWING CUT makes it very comfortable to wear even in battle! 

⭐ VERSATILE AND IDEAL FOR MANY CHARACTER TYPES: If you love an ample cut tunic, freely floating around your body while you fight on the battlefield, go for our Erik Viking tunic! This very full-flowing cut is really what sets this type of tunic apart from all our other tunics. If that’s what you love in battle… Look no further, that’s what you need!

⭐ IDEAL FOR AMAZING MEDIEVAL EVENTS, SCA, WEDDINGS, COSPLAY, or LARP! Is there anything better than sharing a good fight or a nice hydromel with good friends at an epic event or a memorable medieval wedding? Wherever your adventure is set, our beautiful tunic will follow you in all your deeds, from the fiercest battlefield encampment to the impressive tables of the mead hall of your warlord!

⭐ 100 % NATURAL MATERIAL: Use cooler water temperatures for the first few washes and make sure to separate linens from other items. Use 40°C water, 60°C for stubborn stains. High water level for machine washing. Hand wash gently; no wringing, twisting, or scrubbing. Use a mild, bleach-free detergent. Add detergent to water, not directly on textiles. Rinse linens thoroughly before drying. Avoid wringing before drying. Dry slightly damp for ironing. Remove from dryer promptly to reduce wrinkles.


Avalible in Natural, Black and Blue

Baltic Linen Tunics

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