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14th century bell cuffed finger guantlet. 16 ga mild steel. lined and gloved. Great for harnessfetchen or HEMA, check your orginizations rules for legality. There is no real surprise that they are inspired freely by actual 14th-century originals, including those of the famous Black Prince, which can be seen on his effigy in the Canterbury Cathedral. Meticulously handmade from sturdy 16-gauge MILD STEEL, these are sturdy and will last many battles. These fasten using robust leather straps and solid brass buckles. For better comfort and grip, these come attached with suede leather gloves. These come in one size that fits most.Note: This product is carefully coated with a layer of oil when packaged that acts as a temporary (protective) layer against corrosion (rust), which can easily be wiped off using any oil remover or even a dry cloth.  Made by Lord of Battles

Medieval Knightly Hourglass Gauntlets 14th century 16 gauge (2 rivit)

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