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Children grow so quickly! So to spend hours hand making shoes that may only fit for a year or less seems excessive, but to buy expensive custom shoes... well, let's just note that a lot of very well dressed young children are wearing sneakers with their garb.

These shoes, based on a simplified version of a 14th century turn shoe, have been crafted to what we think is a fine compromise between authenticity, function and cost. Ours are constructed for sturdy wear and are available in light brown, but should be able to be overdyed in darker colors.  Come in full sizes from 4 - 13, and youth sizes 1 - 3. 

These shoes will last well and are very close in terms of correct appearance. They are exceedingly comfortable and can accomodate a wide variety of foot widths, because of their lacing closures. Please note the child size 4 shoes are for young children/toddlers. Young adult size 4 is roughly the same as a ladies size 5


We also offer a very unique program for children. Find us at an event and we will allow you to trade in your childs outgrown shoe for a discount on their next pair up until they reach 16 years of age. Their old pair will go into our discount bin for those who cannot afford the $35 cost for their own children. Please note that this is for in person sales only.

Childs Turnshoe

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