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The overlap closure with wooden and bone toggles fastening on these shoes gives them their early medieval flavor. Based on shoes found in York, Dorestad, and Middelberg in the 9th and 10th centuries, the overlap wraps around the ankle to provide a secure yet comfortable fit. The closure is completed with either two wooden or bone toggles.

Made with the same quality we put into out other shoes, we can say with confidence that they hold up under great duress, keep their shape, and provide a good measure of water-repellency even through the arduous mud and storms of SCA events such as the Pennsic War and Gulf War.

You might find "similar" shoes manufactured--albiet at a very similar price--but our leather is of the highest grade, selected to maintain shape.

Constructed for sturdy wear and are available in full sizes from Ladies 6 - 10 and Men's 6 to 15. Please take care when selecting color and sizes as not all combinations are available at this time.
These shoes will last well and are very close in terms of correct appearance. They are exceedingly comfortable and can accomodate a wide variety of foot widths. Unlike turn-shoes, they can be repaired when they finally need it at any regular shoe-repair house. 

Jorvik Viking Boots

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