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This medieval headwear, typical of the 15th century, features an elegantly buttoned hood with a long fashionable tail, also known as a cornette or liripipe. It was one of the most common head dresses for women at the time, offering good protection against inclement weather while also allowing it to be worn open for a more fashionable look. . It was called “Chaperon” in French.

⭐ ONE SIZE FIT MOST. The design is form-fitting and intended for a 'lady's size.' Typically, our model is not suitable for a male face. Fully lined. Can be worn open. This way of wearing it unbuttoned was indeed a common fashion choice during the period. 

⭐ Based on contemporary French and English medieval artwork and archeological finds from London. In the 15th century, close-fitting buttoned hoods enjoyed widespread popularity among various societal groups—from villagers and townsfolk to, in certain instances, noblewomen and even men on occasion. When worn by a woman, the hood carried significant symbolic value. Publicly removing the hood of a respectable woman was considered a grave insult and could swiftly escalate into a street altercation.

⭐ 100 % TOP QUALITY MATERIAL ♦♦ This beautiful wool fabric is heavier & more durable than medium-weight thinner wool fabric. Machine wash COLD if needed (preferably with similar colored clothes to avoid the risk of color transfer). Do not tumble dry. Can be ironed on low heat if necessary.

late medieval buttoned hood : 15 th century reenactment

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