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Based on contemporary medieval artwork. Ideal for a knightly character or even a wealthy merchant or man at arm. It was even worn sometimes by women of higher social class.

⭐ ONE SIZE FIT MOST. This medieval headwear, typical of the second half of 15th century, consists of a thick roll (bourrelet/rondel), a tail (cornette/liripipe) and an intricately cut cock's comb featuring elegant “oak leaves” dagged edges.

⭐ It was one of the most common head dress among the wealthy classes of society. This kind of chaperon was quite different from the original chaperon still in use by most commoners. At first it was only a “normal” chaperon put on the wrong way like some kind of hat. But it rapidly evolved in a more specific form with a large “bourelet” which no longer allow the wearer the use it as a “normal” chaperon.

⭐ 100 % TOP QUALITY MATERIAL ♦♦ This beautiful wool fabric is heavier & more durable than medium-weight thinner wool fabric. Machine wash COLD if needed (preferably with similar colored clothes to avoid the risk of color transfer). Do not tumble dry. Can be ironed on low heat if necessary.



late medieval wool chaperon “ The Knight ” : 15 th century chaperone for reenact

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