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For many years we have been satisfied with our original Swordsmans' Gloves, but our customers have been asking for a light sparring glove designed to help protect the fingers against light but sharp raps received while fencing or fighting in a LARP environment.

We thought this was a great idea, but the trick is to maintain both the feeling of connectedness to the sword along with the mobility needed for subtle finesse. Well, after a great deal of experimentation we think we've achieve this with our Light Sparring Gloves.


Made from the same high-quality leather and stitch construction that sets our Swordsmans' Gloves apart from the competition, we have added a super-dense martial arts foam, along the fingers, thumb, metacarpal bones and wrist. The quilting pattern is specially designed to allow for superior mobility in the hand, fingers, thumb and wrist.


Our gloves are available in size L (fits most folks), M, S and XL.


Light Sparring Gloves

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