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* This page is for backorders only. If you don't see your size in stock we will be putting in for backorders at the end of every month. For different colors please purchase Natural with a dye color add-on.


For many years, reenactors and members of tournament societies such as

the SCA have had a very hard time finding steady sources for medieval shoes. Revival Leatherwork's low boot is our best selling footwear, and, having been testing in the arduous mud and storms of SCA events such as the Pennsic War, we can say with confidence that they hold up under great duress, keep their shape, and even provide a good measure of water-repellency.


You might find shoes that appear similar, but you won't find any with the quality, durability, and comfort of ours. At *any* price.


These shoes, based on a simplified version of a 14th century low boot, has been crafted to what we think is a fine compromise between authenticity, function and cost. Ours are constructed for sturdy wear and are available in red, brown, black and forest green in full sizes from Ladies 5 - 10 to Men's 6-14.



While not a turnshoe of the kind common prior to 1500, these shoes will last well and are very close in terms of correct appearance. They are exceedingly comfortable and can accomodate a wide variety of foot widths, because of their lacing closures. Unlike turn-shoes, they can be repaired when they finally need it at any regular shoe-repair house. 


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