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Our 14th-century buttoned, quilted gambeson is handmade from two layers of STURDY CANVAS COTTON sandwiching a thick layer of padding, making it a perfect armor on its own for any light infantry, archer, gunner, or any soldier relying on mobility to avoid a battle they don’t want to fight. It could also be worn under plate armor or chainmail, making them more comfortable to be worn. This specific gambeson is inspired directly by an EXISTING GAMBESON that belonged to Charles de Blois during the 14th century.

We are not talking about synthetic or ultra-slim padded gambeson available in the market. We are talking about ROBUST CANVAS and REAL PADDING, which makes a difference when looking for an authentic gambeson! For a comfortable and adjustable fit, this gambeson comes with buttoned sleeves. It is available in six distinct sizes. A more detailed chart is attached with its photographs.



Suitable for larp to buhurt.  Call or email about custom dye option.

Medieval 14th Century Padded Gambeson (Type 6) Black with Buttoned Front

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