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"The new Revival Martial Arts rubber training rondel is the best, safest, historical dagger simulator on the market today hands down.  Better than wood or metal for contact training at speed, these dense rubber rondels really do the job.  They are flexable yet the ball-tip gives just the right "thump" on a good thrust.  I hope that every student I teach this year has one of these to train with, they are simply that good.  If you practice the medieval martial arts then you need these in your kit!"

MAA Pete Kautz


There are many interesting treatises in both the German and Italian traditions that present detailed, amazingly effective techniques, training in close-quarter work can be dangerous. Our new Rubber rondel dagger is designed to increase the margin of safety over wooden models while capturing the weight and feel of the originals.

Made from high-impact, high quality dense rubber, our dagger is based on those found in Hans Talhoffer and Fiore dei Liberi's treatises. Overall length is 14", tapering from 1" to a 5/8" ball. The handle is ribbed like some surviving examples and there is even the rivet a the top has been crafted in detail. The tip will fold over to reduce the chance of accidental injury. 

These daggers are not made to the specification of any particular organization, but will prove themselves as important training tools for students of the historical treatises, reenactors, or martial artists.


*NOTE: Revival Martial Arts cannot accept responsibility for the use or misuse of our products, and does not warrant their safety in any given activity. Martial arts should always be trained under the supervision of a knowledgeable instructor and with appropriate safety equipment.

Medieval Rubber Training Dagger

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