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⭐ Total length is 8" & Diameter : 1"

⭐ Total length is 11" & Diameter : 1"

⭐ Total length is 15" & Diameter : 1"

⭐ Material: Iron. Hollow base for insertion of the spear shaft.

⭐ AWAKEN YOUR INNER WARRIOR : Whether you're looking for the perfect accessory for your next costume, or just aiming to please someone dear, this amazing spear head will make anyone feel ready for the shield wall ! Sturdy and reliable it will never let you down ! 

⭐ FORGET ABOUT THE POOR PERFORMANCES of cheap replicas ! We are talking about REAL BATTLE SPEAR here! Our experience with the FILM INDUSTRY has forged our standards and you can be sure that the quality of Mythrojan patiently crafted weapon will ensure an inimitable historically accurate look to your weapon… And unrivaled performances to your favorite spear head !

⭐ HANDFORGED & FULLY FUNCTIONAL: This spear head is fully intended to be used, and won't disappoint you. Its point is blunted which makes it your ideal weapon for any reenactment battle involving actual stabbing. 

Medieval Spear Head Blunt Reenactment Battle

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