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This is a pre-order item. This will be available until items are fully in stock. Brass Studs on this page will also be available for backorder.


It has been known for some time that we had lost our brassware supplier. Since then the costs of brass has more than doubled, Top it off is that, during our research on potential suppliers, we were left with two choices: Made in the USA or in China. 


We opted to support another small business in Texas over China. 


Because of that we are forced to have a significant rise in prices for brasware. All our old stock will remain as such until they are sold out. We are starting again with the Pelicans and Laurel studs as they've been our top sellers. Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page(s) for polls and such for the next design we bring back.


At the moment I cannot give an exact date as to when the studs will be on hand, we are expecting late April to mid June. This greatly depends on popularity. Any current orders for Pelicans and Laurels that are outstanding will be filled with this batch, and we will NOT make you pay the difference in costs.


Please reach out to us for bulk discounts if desired. As is each single stud is $11 and a pack of 6 is $60. 

PRE-ORDER: Pelican and Laurel Studs

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