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We've heard from many ladies and reenactors who have asked us to add a "correct" medieval turnshoe to our line for use in higher-level reenactments, on stage and for use within the SCA. 

Our turnshoes are COMFORTABLE, cute, and accurate. They are made from a thinner, high-grade leather closer to historical weight than our popular low boot. We made them with correct medieval tunnel-stitching, sewn inside-out using stitches documented in SHOES & PATTENS, then turned and finished. This new style is avalibe with tie closures as an alternative to our popular buckle closure turn shoe, and our discontinued reenactor turnshoe.

These shoes are sleek and comfortable, well-fitting and true to size. If you wear a half size normally, you may wish to go up to the next whole size. For use in mud or foul weather, we recommend wooden pattens.


Now avalibe in red, green, and brown, natural and black.

Tie Turnshoe

SKU: 12
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