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 Typical of the XV century, the arming doublet is thinner and shorter than gambesons and pourpoints of previous centuries. It's the ideal garment for comfortably wearing a full plate harness without overheating under the blazing sun of summer battlefields. 

⭐ Its numerous arming points allow you to lace the plates in place, and our SPECIALLY DESIGNED LEATHER REINFORCEMENTS at the hip ensure that the weight of your leg armour won't tear the fabric, even if you fall from your horse!

⭐ NO PADDING INSIDE! This doublet is crafted in the historic manner, using several layers of sturdy canvas sewn together. FORGET THE NIGHTMARE OF YOUR GAMBESON BAKING YOU ALIVE: with our LIGHT HISTORICAL DOUBLET, YOU WON'T SWEAT TO DEATH! Designed by Dr. Gabriel Vimar during his PhD thesis, and tested and endorsed over the last 15 years by his French/Belgian reenactors team at major European battlefields from Bosworth to Tewkesbury.

⭐ Made of sturdy 100% cotton canvas ♦♦ That’s the only concession we're making to historicity : we use 100% cotton instead of Fustaine (which combines cotton & linen) as they did back then. Machine wash at 40°C / 104°F (preferably with similar colored clothes to avoid risk of color transfer). Wash before first use. Can be tumble dried on low heat and can be ironed on low heat if necessary.

Unpadded arming doublet

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